Specific Insights Of The Campaign Include: 42% Of Converters Were Matched To The Tapad Device Graph 61% Of Matched Converting Ids Were Bridged ( > 1 Browser Id) Among Converters, There Were 2.0 Browser Or Device Ids Per User Unifying Data Resulted In A 35% Lift In Display Roi* Both Desktop And Mobile Play Important Roles In The Customer Journey.

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A Closer Look at the Monarch Airlines Case Study Flashtalking and Tapad partnered to achieve a single seo specialist på white flame solutions objective for Monarch: successful, cross-device attribution for mobile and desktop, leveraging the Tapad Device Graph and the Flashtalking delivery platform. Specific insights of the campaign include: 42% of converters were matched to the Tapad Device Graph 61% of matched converting IDs were bridged ( > 1 browser ID) Among converters, there were 2.0 browser or device IDs per user Unifying data resulted in a 35% lift in Display ROI* "Both desktop and mobile play important roles in the customer journey. As such, the need for accurate, cross-device insights is critical.By analysing the cross-device customer journey, we can measure and optimise media investments with even greater confidence," Robert Foulkes, Senior Digital and Marketing Manager, Monarch Airlines. For a more detailed review of the case, please visit Flashtalking. Learn how to make cross-device attribution work for your brand on January 12th 12pm EST as Flashtalking and Tapad share a case study and best practices for successful cross-platform insights. Sign up for the webinar today. About Flashtalking Flashtalking equips advertisers and their agencies to create, activate and measure data-driven advertising across digital channels and formats. Our programmatic creative and analytics platform unifies audience, media and creative to deliver personalized messaging while optimizing performance of media and creative. With cookie-less tracking, connected log-file and algorithmic attribution, we can coordinate, augment and analyze data signals to support our clients at the crossroads where data, relevant creative, and unbiased measurement intersect with expertise, service and a deep partner ecosystem.

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