Assuming You Did Everything Right In 2016?


Insights On Deciding On Important Aspects Of Seo

He said that most SEOs are really good at on-page SEO based on the desktop version, but when this goes live, they need to apply the same on-page SEO techniques to the mobile version of the site. Of course, if you are responsive, you really don't need to worry too much about this. John also added that SEO tools, both third-party tools and the tools you build internally, need to move from looking at the desktop version to the mobile version of the site. Here is the video embed at the start of this conversation: Here is the transcript: Question: So John, its top of the hour. Want to leave us with the end of the year, maybe like three things to look at for 2017? Assuming you did everything right in 2016? Answer: So I would say mobile and mobile and mobile. That's really easy right? No. I think especially with the change for the mobile first index, one of the big things that I suspect SEOs in particular will want to look at is how the mobile pages are actually SEO.

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